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Identifying these signs of ovarian cancer can help women avoid death



Every year, 330 women in Colorado receive an ovarian cancer diagnosis, or about one every day.

A woman’s life can be saved if she is aware of the signs of ovarian cancer, which include bloating, abdominal pain, eating less and feeling fuller, and problems urinating or having regular bowel movements. A woman should consult her doctor, ideally a gynaecologist, if she experiences even one of these symptoms for longer than two weeks.

More than 80% of cases of ovarian cancer are diagnosed at a late stage, when there is only a 44% probability of survival for more than five years. However, a woman’s chance of surviving for five years rises to 93% if she receives an early diagnosis.

Throughout the country, September is recognised as Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. The colour teal represents the ovarian cancer community and serves as a reminder that although ovarian cancer is the deadliest gynecologic disease, it is the fifth most frequent cancer in women in the United States. Ovarian cancer is not screened for by pap testing. Recognising the symptoms and receiving an early diagnosis are essential to save lives because there is no test for ovarian cancer.

The most typical signs of ovarian cancer

a chronic bloating
feeling satisfied after less food
Continent pain
Constipation or urination issues

Risks for ovarian cancer

advancing age
not having ever had children
not using a contraceptive


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