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Celebrity Dermatologist Gives Preventive Advice and Sleeping Habits That May Cause Early Aging



Celebrity Dermatologist Gives Preventive Advice and Sleeping Habits That May Cause Early Aging

Everybody has a predilection for a particular sleeping posture. Nevertheless, a well-known dermatologist noted in a post that if you sleep on one side of your face for an extended period of time, the pressure from the pillow may develop wrinkles, particularly in the mouth and eye regions. That side of the face may occasionally appear flatter than the other.

Sleep on your back flat or alternate between sides to prevent this. Additionally, choose pillows that promote straight sleeping from the market.

Therefore, be aware of the lines and wrinkles that may appear on that side of your face the next time you want to press your face into your pillow.

Adverse Effects of Sleeping In A Single Posture

Creases and Wrinkles on the Face:

According to dermatologists, sleeping on one side of the face might result in wrinkles around the mouth and eyes due to pressure from the pillow. These wrinkles may become more noticeable with time and cause early aging.

Joint Pain and Stiffness in the Muscle:

Constantly sleeping in the same posture can cause joint and muscular pain and stiffness, particularly in the neck, shoulders, and back. Throughout the day, this may cause discomfort and limited mobility.

Inadequate Circulation

Certain sleeping positions might limit blood flow to specific body areas, such as sleeping on your stomach or in a fetal position. This can eventually result in problems including tingling, numbness, and impaired circulation, especially in the limbs.

An Misaligned Spine

Spinal misalignment can result from sleeping in a posture that does not adequately support the spine’s natural curve. Over time, this may result in discomfort, back pain, and even more severe spinal problems.


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