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Indications of a high-functioning depression



Indications of a high-functioning depression

People still experience many of the common symptoms of clinical depression, even in cases of high-functioning depression.

Although the symptoms of depression are present, they are milder in people with high-functioning depression, also known as persistent depressive disorder, or PDD. They are still able to function well, take care of household responsibilities, manage daily activities like work or school, and engage in social activities. Persistent depression of this kind has certain distinct characteristics.

When compared to major depressive disorder, the symptoms of depression are less severe and therefore seem more controllable.

The person can function well at work and maintain regular, healthy relationships despite having mild depression.

People who suffer from high-functioning depression may experience enduring physical symptoms such as headaches and stomach distress in an attempt to hide their true feelings from those close to them.

Even though the person can complete everyday tasks, everything they do takes a great deal of work.


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