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Stress during the holidays can negatively impact one’s health and wellbeing



Stress during the holidays can negatively impact one's health and wellbeing

According to the findings of a recent survey conducted by the American Heart Association, the holiday season—which is frequently referred to as “the most wonderful time of the year”—inversely turns out to be a time of increased stress and disregard for one’s own health.

The study reveals a concerning trend: in sharp contrast to the joyous mood usually connected with this time of year, the study shows that holiday stress has a substantial negative influence on healthy habits.

Startling new discoveries

The American Heart Association conducted a survey with adults nationwide in December 2023, and the results provide startling new information about the impact of holiday stress on health and well-being.

Apply pressure

A startling 63% of respondents said that the holidays are more stressful than tax season, demonstrating the widespread strain that people experience.

“Balancing work, family, finances and everyday obligations, while trying to fit in festive events that make this time of year special becomes overwhelming and induces chronic stress for many,” says the report.

Stress following the holidays

After the holidays, over half of Americans (51%) say it takes them weeks to decompress. Mothers are even more affected by this statistic, with more than 25% reporting a one-month or longer recuperation period.


A common mistake of getting sucked into the hustle and bustle of the holidays is highlighted by the fact that over 70% of participants regret not taking some time to unwind and enjoy the season.

Disregard for healthful behaviors

Eating, sleeping, and exercising are the top three things that respondents find most difficult to prioritize during the holiday season. All told, 69% say they don’t eat healthily, 64% say they don’t exercise frequently, and 56% say they don’t get enough sleep over the holidays.

Neglecting oneself

Remarkably, 79% of respondents acknowledge that they prioritize making special moments for others over attending to their own needs during the holidays.

Effects of holiday stress that ripple

Dr. Glenn N. Levine is the chair of the 2021 Psychological Health, Well-Being, and the Mind-Heart-Body Connection scientific statement. He volunteers with the American Heart Association. He alerts us to the dangers chronic stress poses to our long-term health.

“Chronic stress can negatively impact both your long-term mental and physical health in many ways if left unmanaged,” said Dr. Levine. “The holidays are an easy time to justify putting off healthy habits, but it’s important to manage chronic stress and other risk factors to stay healthy during the holiday season and into the New Year.”

His caution is supported by the survey results, which imply that the stress brought on by the holidays may have more serious and long-lasting effects than first believed.

Advice for reducing stress during the holidays

Understanding the difficulties, the American Heart Association provides helpful guidance on how to reduce stress during the holidays:

Eat sensibly:

Consider what foods to avoid and what vibrant fruits and vegetables you can add to your plate in addition to sensible serving sizes.

Increase your movement:

Getting moving is one of the best ways to reduce stress, so try to go for a quick walk every day. Movement of any kind is important.

Rest well:

Getting enough sleep has a positive impact on your mood, eating patterns, memory, and more. Try setting a reminder alarm on your phone to remind you to turn off and silence the notifications.

One of the most crucial parts of the holiday season, according to the report, is interacting with others:

“In order to enjoy the holidays together with lighter, healthier hearts, whenever you or a loved one begins to feel stressed, make sure to express your feelings and lean upon each other for support.”

Ahead, healthier holidays

The analysis is an essential reminder of the need to strike a balance between holiday spirit and one’s own wellbeing. People can deal with the holiday season stress-free by making simple, healthful habits and keeping lines of communication open.


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