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Using Cosmetics While Playing Sports May Affect Skin Health



Using Cosmetics While Playing Sports May Affect Skin Health

Can’t resist base creams even in the pre-workout phase? Considering that wearing makeup on your face while working out has been linked to negative effects on skin health, it would be worthwhile to give it another think.

The study, which compares those who use and do not use facial cosmetics, looks into the effects of aerobic exercise on the skin and pores. It was published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology. The results show that wearing cosmetic foundation can lead to clogged pores, which may further exacerbate acne.

The practice of wearing makeup while doing out is becoming more and more popular. According to ANTARA from Medical Daily, “There is a growing trend where people use makeup while exercising. This research shows the importance of studying changes in the skin of individuals who use facial makeup while exercising.”

“According to this study, using thick facial makeup such as cream foundation during exercise has the potential to cause skin problems such as clogged pores due to sweat accumulation. Therefore, it is recommended to choose lighter facial makeup or oil-free products to maintain healthy skin during exercise,” Park added.

The forehead and upper cheek on one side of the faces of 43 healthy students were treated with cosmetic lotions, while the other half of the students’ faces remained unaffected.

The researchers found that after working out, there was an increase in moisture in both the makeup-free and makeup-covered areas. The face makeup zone, on the other hand, exhibits a more noticeable rise, indicating that facial makeup might stop moisture from evaporating from the skin.

Following exercise, skin elasticity increases. However, in the no-face makeup area, this is more apparent. The size of pores on skin without makeup increases significantly, whereas pores on skin with makeup do not change significantly.

This implies that the pores may have been clogged with cosmetic makeup. It may be challenging to maintain the proper amount of oil on the skin when applying facial makeup, as skin oil levels rise in the no-makeup zone and fall in the makeup-wearing zone.

“These findings suggest that the use of powder cream bases during aerobic training can reduce skin oil, cause drought. In addition, facial makeup can clog pores and increase sebum production,” he said.

“Therefore, using facial makeup may not be recommended for people with dry skin conditions based on current research results. This research offers important insights to the public, prompting them to consider the possible consequences of using facial makeup while exercising,” the researchers wrote.


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