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People need to be aware of Causes, Signs and treatment of repiratory disease



In Hyderabad, cases of an enigmatic respiratory disease were reported; Learn everything you can about its symptoms, causes, and treatment for Mysterious Respiratory Disease in Hyderabad: In Hyderabad, there has been an increase in cases of a baffling respiratory illness. This mysterious virus is only affecting children and adults with comorbidities, according to media reports.

The disease’s symptoms are said to be comparable to those of adenovirus, influenza, and Swine Flu. However, medical professionals maintain that the disease has a normal recovery time of five days and a 100% recovery rate.

What signs and symptoms does this enigmatic illness have?
problems breathing, a sore throat, a dry cough, a fever with body pains, and runny nose.
Doctors have explained to the media that the symptoms first affect the upper respiratory system before spreading to the lower respiratory area.

In addition, patients with these symptoms have been tested for a variety of viruses, including dengue, swine flu (H1N1), avian flu (H3N2), influenza A and B, and swine (A) and B. Some of these patients have reportedly reported false positive results because the mysterious disease is similar to these viruses.

What is the treatment for this disease?
The patients have successfully responded to symptomatic treatment, according to reports. In addition, medical professionals have advised patients to take precautions, practice isolation until they are fully recovered, and drink plenty of fluids.


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