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In Kolkata Numerous medical clinics and blood donation centers confronting a requirement for platelets their are 62 dengue patients, including 11 toddler



Numerous medical clinics and blood donation centers in Kolkata said they are confronting a popularity for platelets on the grounds that a rising number of dengue patients are having a low platelet count.

In order to meet the high demand for platelets, 18 employees of AMRI Hospitals, Dhakuria, donated blood on Friday.

The need for platelets has increased as the number of dengue cases has increased. The head of the hospital’s department of transfusion, medicine, and blood bank, Ritam Chakraborty, said, “We were able to support patients who needed platelets until last week, but this week we have run out of stock.” She was referring to the fact that the hospital’s doctors and staff decided to donate blood.

The three units of the medical clinic chain had 62 dengue patients, including 11 youngsters, on Friday.

At Beauty Vue Facility, the typical everyday interest for platelets has gone up from three to four units per day to 12.

“We are asking patients’ relatives to bring donors for platelets,” said Pradip Tondon, CEO of Belle Vue. The hospital had 28 dengue patients admitted on Friday evening.

A dengue patient should receive a platelet transfusion if their platelet count falls below 10,000 per cubic millimeter, as long as there is no severe bleeding, according to a Health Department guideline. In the event that there is serious dying, the bonding ought to begin much previously.

“In case of severe bleeding, platelet transfusion has to start irrespective of the count,” said Chandramouli Bhattacharya, infectious disease expert at Peerless Hospital.

He said four dengue patients conceded under him had gotten platelets in the previous month.

“Till Thursday there were 24 dengue patients. The number went up to 32 on Friday,” said Sudipta Mitra, chief executive of Peerless Hospital.

Platelets are also in high demand at the RN Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences.


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