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Get rid the Links Between Social Media and Anxiety



Here are a few ways that social media can exacerbate stress and anxiety, from FOMO to cyberbullying.

Although social media makes the globe smaller and our loved ones closer, it can also be the source of tension and anxiety. Have you ever found that right after using social media, your anxiety gets worse? or even when you’re scrolling? When you use social media on a regular basis, you’re exposed to a variety of content, including carefully curated profiles, highlight reels, news, and discussions, which can exacerbate feelings of anxiety and unease. This phenomenon is known as “social media-induced anxiety,” according to therapist Carolyn Rubenstein. These are some ways that social media use can exacerbate anxiety.

Social comparison: There are a lot of upbeat life perspectives on social media. Individuals typically keep their shortcomings hidden from society and emphasize their victories. As a result, we are given a warped perception of reality and start contrasting our lives with the lives of others and the images they post on social media. This may give us a sense of failure.

Fear of missing out: Thanks to social media, the term FOMO, or “Fear Of Missing Out,” has become more well-known recently. People that engage in experiences on social media seem to be missing out on us. We become really anxious about not jumping on this trend as a result.

Cyberbullying: Regrettably, a lot of online harassment and cyberbullying occurs on social media platforms. Social media is rife with offensive remarks, personal assaults, and public humiliation, all of which can seriously harm one’s mental health.

Online affirmation and likes: We frequently base our opinion of our own value on the number of likes and comments we get on the posts we post on social media. Constantly looking for approval from the internet can be detrimental and toxic to our mental health.


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