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AI’s potential and limitations in mental health



Mental Health is a tremendous and developing overall issue. Approximately 1 of every 5 American grown-ups experiences an emotional well-being condition, as per the U.S. Communities for Infectious prevention and Counteraction. Those with firsthand experience or a friend or family member who is enduring know the huge social and financial effect it can have on regular daily existence. Since these circumstances frequently influence individuals quite early on, they will require treatment for a long time, during which they probably won’t have the option to take part in the public eye to their maximum capacity.

Artificial Intelligence(computer based intelligence) has seen hazardous development and significant leap forwards as of late. It will clearly influence each part of present day life and society. Researchers and clinicians have previously started to investigate its true capacity for Mental health exploration and treatment. The principal results are immensely encouraging. In this online course roundtable discussion, we’ll examine artificial intelligence’s true capacity for examination and treatment — and the entanglements that should be survived.

During the online course, the board will:

  • Acquaint the crowd with ongoing advances in computer based intelligence that show potential for clinical application and the difficulties in deciphering this work from seat to bedside
  • Examine moral contemplations of involving computer based intelligence in psychological wellness care
  • Frame unanswered inquiries and future areas of investigation for simulated intelligence
  • Answer inquiries from watchers during the live transmission


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