Editorial charter

MD-FM is a branch of Fréquence Médicale (Frequencem.com and Canalifm.com) and has the aim of creating a health journal destined for the medical profession. It proposes to physicians information, reports and interviews conducted by physician journalists. All of the information communicated is circulated with respect for terms of the French law of 21st June 2004 for confidence in the digital economy.

Editorial principles:
- Each edition proposes a variety of current information. The selection of this information is made by the chief editor assisted by an editorial committee of independent specialists and professional physician journalists.
- The subjects proposed are produced by physician journalists of the MD-FM editorial staff; they are reviewed by the chief editor and are circulated under the sole responsibility of the aforementioned individuals and the head of publication. They conform to the provisions of the French laws of 29th July 1881 on freedom of the press, of 1st August 1986 and of 30th September 1986.

Editorial commitment:
The online publishing of information carried out by physician journalists complies with the same legal rules as traditional publishing. The entirety of the contents of the journal MD-FM is therefore governed by the Law which confers to the listener and to the reader various rights and obligations.
The editor of the site commits to respecting the editorial rules in force:
-    To possess the right to circulate the proposed content.
-    To do the utmost to verify the authentication of information brought to public attention.
-    To respect the rules of journalistic ethics in force.
-    To inform the reader of the editorial nature of content proposed.
-    To authorise the reader to keep all or part of the content proposed on the site for his or her strictly personal usage.
-    To respect the recommendations decreed by ANSM (Agence nationale de sécurité du médicament et des produits de santé).

E-mail circulation:
- An e-mail is circulated to those physicians subscribed to each edition. It contains a link with an edition.

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